What’s new with you?

I went to the corner drug store last night; the same one I had gone to several times before and saw the same people who I always see. However, this time was different because it wasn’t the same old usual stuff that I was getting like toilet paper, chips, juice, etc. This time I needed something new and I have to say I was excited to be there for something different from the norm. I stop at the check-out and the cashier looked at what I had to purchase and smiled, she asked “are you stocking up for next year” to which I replied “no, just getting a late start” and then added in “and yes it’s for me”. She then burst out laughing looked at me and held up a pink folder with sparkly silver dots and said: “I see you’re trying to stand out”.

Well, what’s new with me is that I recently started going to school and to say it’s been awhile would be an understatement. So now there are things that I have to buy for myself that I haven’t bought in many years. Things that I have to do like carry a backpack, homework, raise my hand to go to the bathroom that are totally new to my life. But I must say I am loving it because along with the new obligations and responsibilities came also new hopes and dreams, a new outlook on life itself. I woke up this morning and realized just how different my life was because I had added something new to it and I smiled. Natalie Sisson says “learning something new will make you happier” and I totally agree. To see some of the other benefits she says you can get from learning something new click here.

So I ask you “what’s new with you”? Has your life become just a repeat of the days before it? If so maybe you should add something new to your life that makes you have to do something different. Huff Post identify some incredible benefits to doing or trying something new; one of which is getting to know yourself better. To see some of the other benefits Huff Post list click here. So step out add something new and exciting to your day and new dreams to your life. You know you want to, so go ahead and do it.


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